Hey Diner,

Here’s something about us that you might not know.

Dineinmuscat is an online restaurant discovery service company that aims to connect customers to restaurants accross the Sultanate of Oman through our website.

We provide extensive information on all listed restaurants and cafes through our image gallery, video presentation, online menu, detailed directions and maps every time you visit a restaurant on our listing page. We are also planning to provide other services such as a booking system, promotional offers and events organizing so that most restaurant transactions can be done online.

Whenever you’re bored at home with friends or family and want to go out there and discover new restaurants, the old fashion way was to ask people around or go cruising with your car until you find the perfect place. The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time and effort and you might end up going back home because you cannot find the perfect place dine in. Another problem with the old fashion way, is when you want to visit a hot new restaurant in town you either have to call the restaurant or ask friends that have tried the restaurant about the restaurant’s menu and price range. If you are a vegan, and travel all the way to the restaurant only to find out they exclusively serve meat, then this would have been a complete waste of time and energy.

However, thanks to the internet and modern technology, there are now ways to simplify the way we can select and discover restaurants out there. Just like what our website provides, you can now easily discover the perfect place for you and your friends/family to dine in. You can also check the menu online to know the right budget to bring and know what food to order before hand. All you need to do is pick up your phone or log in your laptop and search for your ideal location and desired cuisine on our site. Our website is compatible and accessible with any smart device so feel free to visit any listed restaurant any time you like.

Dineinmuscat also has its Eco-Friendly initiatives wherein we are trying to push for restaurants and cafe’s to advertise online so that we could help the environment minimize the pollution in the streets. Our home Oman is known to be very a clean country and it would be great if we could keep it that way for good. Unfortunately, there are plenty of businesses out there that contributes heavily to the pollution by giving away flyers and pamphlets for every promotion or marketing purposes they have that pollute the streets of our country. This does not only cost a lot of money and effort to clean but it likewise encourages companies to stick to the old fashion way of doing things that can greatly harm our environment. Our stand is to do things the modern way by advertising online because aside from it being more efficient and cost effective, you ultimately get to save our planet.

Therefore, if you really want to discover restaurants online then continue visiting our site because aside from simplifying your way life you also get to help the environment!